Pembrokeshire County Council is asking the public to help the Authority set its budget for the coming financial year, 2021-22.

The budget determines the amount of money available for key public services that we all use in Pembrokeshire.

This includes education and schools, social services and waste collections as well as leisure facilities, road maintenance, libraries and many other aspects of everyday life.

County residents can use the special interactive budget simulator at to determine how you would distribute money to services.

People can also fill out a short survey to have their say on the budget and ask questions.

Cllr Bob Kilmister, the Cabinet Member for Finance, will be providing regular video updates answering residents’ questions.

The Council is facing a £14.5m projected funding gap and is considering the best way to bridge that gap.

The Cabinet is proposing that individual service budgets are flat-lined for 2021-22, meaning all inflationary, demand and other pressures would have to be met through cost reductions and / or efficiency savings.

The Cabinet is also proposing to raise Council Tax to help meet pressures on services.

Assuming a 5% increase in Council Tax, there is £10m of additional funding which can be allocated to some services to help reduce some pressures.

With £1.3m of this funding already allocated, residents can use the budget tool to place the remaining £8.7m with the services you feel need it the most.

The budget tool shows the level of money that could be raised per Council Tax option and the level of cost reductions / efficiencies required as a result.

Over the past seven years, Pembrokeshire County Council has bridged a funding gap of £98.1m, mainly through substantial cost reductions and efficiencies, totalling £73.8m.

Other contributions have come from increased Council Tax income, Council Tax second homes income (one-off) and a £700,000 contribution from reserves (one-off).           

Cllr Kilmister, said: “Setting the budget is one of the most important functions of this Council.

“We expect a 4% rise in our grant from the Welsh Government but this still leaves a projected funding gap of £14.5m.

“The decisions to be made will have an impact on the services we provide and therefore impact on the people of Pembrokeshire. 

“We face some tough decisions ahead of us so it is very important that residents get involved, tell us their priorities and have their say.”

To give your views please go to and fill out the short online survey. 

Alternatively, please print out a hard copy and once complete, please scan in and email to or post to: Pembrokeshire County Council, Policy, 2D County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP

The closing date for responses is 7th February, 2021.

The responses will be compiled into a report and made available to Council for consideration in its final decision making.

A final decision will made at the Council meeting on Thursday 4th March 2021.

For press queries, please email:

The Council’s press releases are also available on the Authority’s website:

We are open! (Hub)

As you may be aware we were delighted to finally open the Neyland Community Hub on Monday 7th September.

The build is now more than 90% complete and some key areas of the building have been handed over by the Contractors.

Covid-19 has meant we’re taking a very cautious, phased, approach to re-opening and keeping everyone safe is our priority.
Phase 1 : Multi-Function Hall

In this first phase we’ve focussed on the main hall which is now open. All users must be part of organised activity which must be booked in advance.

We’ve already had lots of interest and our first week has included Rika, Vibe School of Dance, VIP Class Acts and a return for the U3A with Table Tennis and Fitness Classes.

Lot’s of our sports clubs are prevented by regulation from starting but we know Rugby, Football and Bowls are all keen to get underway indoors as soon as they are allowed.

Anyone wishing to book the hall just need to register – please email

Once we’ve set up your account you can log-in and book online here. (Click ‘Members Login’)
Phase 2 : The Lounge Bar

The Lounge Bar is now complete and looks fantastic. We had a ‘soft-launch’ on Friday (11th) and we’re planning (subject of course to tighter Covid-19 restrictions) a series of showcase events over the coming months so look out for those.

We anticipate opening to the public in October.
Neyland Athletic Club

The old Athletic Club, which has served the Neyland Community since the 1960’s was demolished this week. The site will be levelled over the coming week.
Next Period

We’re expecting to take formal practical completion of the Hub in October and at that point we hope (subject to Covid-19) open the facility in full to the public.

More immediately, the commercial kitchen will be fitted out this coming week – marking another important milestone.

That’s it for now but as always Adam if you want to know anything further in the meantime please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

NADEE August update

NADEE (Neyland and District Environment Enthusiasts) has been busy doing volunteer work for Neyland despite the lockdown, although this has meant no full group activities.

The Walker family have been managing the Sportsway flower bed. PCC have received a Land Management Agreement application, and we’re in the process of doing a risk assessment for this. It’s been suggested this includes carrying a first aid kit and mobile phone.


Adam has been doing some weeding in Railway Terrace. The bees are loving the Marsh Woundwort (which is an accidental but welcome arrival)


Adam lent a hand to Peter Hay to clear the overgrown path down to the marina from Cambrian Road. Peter did most of the work!


We’ve had some issues at Neyland Vale pond. The stonemason did a great job of repairing the weir. I’ve built up a mud bank on either side, and this should stabilise over the next year. We then tried blocking the pipe, but found water was leaking under the dam / weir. Peter Hay has procured some bentonite clay and has an ingenious solution. Fingers crossed it works!
I don’t know how people feel about doing a socially distanced clearance of the growth around the pond in September, keeping an eye on Covid, of course. It is probably something we need to do annually. The flowers are finishing now, and don’t want it scrubbing up.

Stephanie Bridgeman has a load of apples if anyone wants some. Please phone her on [private number] and mention you’re in NADEE.

Also just to mention that our esteemed Chairman, Tim Brown has resumed the quizzes (outdoors) at The Alumchine, every other Tuesday. The next one will be on 1st September at 6.30pm.

Finally a shout out to all the litter pickers, who quietly go about keeping Neyland looking tidy.

Nature Friendly Areas

At the Neyland Town Council meeting, I supported an initiative to encourage a more nature friendly mowing regime. During lockdown in April and early May, we saw some beautiful wildflowers in some of the verges, providing a lot of pleasure for people passing by as well as nectar for bees and other pollinators. Sadly, these were mown in May and since.

This is what was decided to request from Pembrokeshire County Council.

  • Default mowing for Neyland to be reduced from 14 to 10 times per year.
  • No mowing in May in all areas.
  • Designated nature friendly areas (NFAs) to be mowed twice a year, once in September and once in late March with cuttings removed.
  • Short mown paths through, or alongside NFAs to show areas are being maintained.
  • An appropriate sign to be placed at NFAs

NFAs to be decided but suggestions are Honeyborough Green (paths mown through like in photos), the bank below The Promenade, Honeyborough Road, and the grassy area below Cambrian Road.

Scam Awareness


A national campaign is currently underway to raise awareness of scams – particularly those that have emerged as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pembrokeshire Trading Standards and Citizens Advice Pembrokeshire are taking part in the annual Scams Awareness campaign which has been running from the 15th June and ends on the 28th.

This year protecting people against scams is more important than ever. The coronavirus crisis means some people are facing issues – from employment and debt to housing and health – resulting in them being in vulnerable situations.

Added to this, the overall heightened uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic is increasing the likelihood of falling victim to a scam.

Trading Standards wants to spread the message that scams are crimes that can happen to anyone and that we can all take a stand to help stop them.

Sandra McSparron, lead officer of the Consumer Safeguarding Team of Pembrokeshire Trading Standards said: “Increasingly we are all becoming targets of scammers, whether by telephone, internet or door to door.

“This campaign will help people spot the signs and how best to avoid them. Knowing how to spot a scam is the best line of defence to avoid being caught out.”

In Pembrokeshire some residents have been approached by rogue traders offering a range of property maintenance services from painting, power washing to roof repairs and hedge cutting. High pressure sales tactics are often used, no paperwork given and extortionate charges for often poor quality work.

Trading Standards advice is not to deal with anyone that cold calls at your home offering to do work. Instead speak to family and friends for recommendation of trades people and obtain a number of written quotes before deciding.

With more people shopping online, fake websites can be designed to steal money and personal details. People have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser, COVID-19 testing kits, and other products, which have never arrived. In a lot of cases, if they have arrived, they have been sub-standard.

Trading Standards offers the following tips on how to shop online safely:

  • if it is a company you’ve never purchased from before, carry out some research beforehand
  • use strong separate passwords for email and shopping accounts
  • keep software and anti-virus protection up to date
  • be careful with links in emails/texts about offers. Check the shop’s website address by typing this into a search engine instead of clicking on the link.

Forward suspicious emails to, and the National Cyber Security Centre’s automated scanning system will check for scam emails and remove criminal sites.

Be wary of subscription traps in which ‘free trials’ of products and services are offered in a wide range of sectors and can sometimes end up costing more than people think.

Said Sandra: “We have received complaints where people have been unaware that they would be charged for items after the trial has ended and the need to pay return postage costs for the items at the end of the trial. As a result we would urge consumers to think carefully before signing-up.”

Business can also be the target for scams.

Malicious email attachments, bogus government grants, mandate fraud, demands for urgent payments, fake websites and impersonation scams are among a raft of scams undermining businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandra warned: “Criminals are trying to gain computer access or get hold of passwords and login details. Once they have access, criminals can search the hard drive for valuable information.”

If someone needs consumer advice or wishes to report a scam, they can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133 or 0808 223 1144 for a Welsh speaker. These details will be shared with Trading Standards who may also make contact by phone to offer support and advice.

For the latest advice and press releases relating to coronavirus, please view:

For press queries, please email:

March In May

An idea by Neyland Cricketer Gavin Rowland, a few WhatsApp messages between him and Neyland Athletic Club Steward Jonny Sutton and the Community based March In May was born. Thrown together at short notice and with Cricketer and budding Journalist Tom Pritchard on board as the ‘Number Cruncher’ what started as an epic challenge to walk / run 11,073 – The length of Great Britains Coast Line – became a feelgood event which encapsulated patrons from 70 years of age to Toddlers just out of their push chairs.

In total 233 participants took part with many more posting encouragement throughout the month. Completing the Coastline with over a week to go, they extended the challenge to take in the Coastline of Ireland and eventually settled on mileage totalling over 15,000. An amazing 46 people completed Half Marathons, many of whom weren’t particularly keen on exercise pre May!! Another 15 completed Full Marathons with 7 of those going even further and completing 30 mile plus Ultra Marathons – Father and Son combination Kevin and Jack Rogers (U15 All Black) leading the distance charts with a huge 41.19 miler on the last day.

Heading the overall chart was Neyland Legend Andrew “Moley” Cole with over 390 miles!! In total 46 members of the group hit over 100 miles, a further 4 hit 200, miles with 5 warriors join the 300 club!

With sponsorship being split between 5 charities with local links – Sandy Bear, VC Gallery, DAPS, Roko20 Academy and Paul Sartori.

Following completion of the epic challenge, Gav Rowland said; “We were amazed by the level of commitment and community spirit. It became bigger than we ever expected but also delighted by the effort everyday. Adults, children and families got out and put one foot in front of the other and went for it. People who hadn’t walked run or gone on a family walk for such a long time made the effort and really enjoyed it which apart from raising funds for some fantastic charities, was the most pleasing for us, quality time together is something special. Being able to look forward to going out each day and just being able to bump into fellow walkers/runners and saying a ‘social distance hello or quick chat’ has helped so many people. A fantastic community to be a part of, well done to everyone”


Drop-in sessions have been arranged by the local authority for concessionary bus pass holders who are unable to renew their cards online.

Transport for Wales recently announced that ‘Concessionary Travel Cards’ are being introduced to replace the current passes which will expire on 31st December.

To renew a bus pass apply at:
For those unable to do this or who do not have anyone to do it on their behalf, Pembrokeshire County Council is offering assistance through drop-in sessions at libraries in Pembrokeshire during November.
Those attending will need with them:

• their existing bus pass with its 19-digit number printed on the front
• date of birth
• the postcode their current card is registered to
• National Insurance number (if over 16) which is on pension statements, disability statements or pay slips.
The drop-in sessions are taking place at the following libraries on:
• Monday, 11th November, at: Tenby (between 10 am and 1pm) and Neyland (2 pm – 4 pm)
• Tuesday, 12th November: Fishguard (10 am – 1 pm) and St Davids (2 pm – 5 pm)
• Wednesday, 13th November: The Riverside, Haverfordwest (10 am – 1 pm) and Milford Haven (2 pm – 4 pm)
• Thursday,14th November: Narberth (10 am – 1 pm) and Saundersfoot (2 pm – 5 pm)
• Friday, 15th November: Pembroke (11 am – 1 pm) and Pembroke Dock (2 pm – 5 pm)
• Monday, 18th November: Milford Haven (10 am – 1 pm) and Pembroke Dock (2 pm – 5 pm)

• Tuesday, 19th November: The Riverside, Haverfordwest (10 am – 1 pm) and Crymych (3.30 pm – 5.30 pm)
• Wednesday, 20th November: Newport (2 pm – 4 pm)
• Thursday, 21st November: Fishguard (10 am – 1 pm)
• Friday, 22nd November: Tenby (10 am – 1 pm) Haverfordwest (2 pm – 5 pm).

For further information contact: Len Mullins, Press and Public Relations Manager, on 01437 775387. The Council’s press releases are also available on the Authority’s website:

Trefnwyd sesiynau galw heibio gan yr awdurdod lleol i ddeiliaid cardiau mantais bws sy’n methu adnewyddu eu cardiau ar-lein.

Cyhoeddodd Trafnidiaeth Cymru’n ddiweddar bod ‘Cardiau Teithio Rhatach’ yn cael eu cyflwyno i ddisodli’r cardiau presennol fydd yn dod i ben ar 31ain Rhagfyr.

I adnewyddu cerdyn bws gwnewch gais yn:
I’r rhai sy’n methu gwneud hyn neu sydd heb neb i’w wneud ar eu rhan, mae Cyngor Sir Penfro’n cynnig cymorth trwy sesiynau galw heibio mewn llyfrgelloedd yn Sir Benfro yn ystod mis Tachwedd.
Bydd angen y canlynol ar bawb sy’n dod:

• eu cerdyn bws presennol gyda’i rif 19 digid ar y blaen
• dyddiad geni
• y cod post lle cofrestrwyd eu cerdyn presennol
• rhif Yswiriant Gwladol (os ydynt dros 16) sydd ar ddatganiadau pensiwn, datganiadau anabledd neu slipiau cyflog.
Mae’r sesiynau galw heibio’n cael eu cynnal yn y llyfrgelloedd canlynol ar:
• Dydd Llun, 11eg Tachwedd: Dinbych-y-pysgod (10am – 1pm) a Neyland (2pm – 4pm)
• Dydd Mawrth, 12fed Tachwedd: Abergwaun (10am – 1pm) a Thyddewi (2pm – 5pm)
• Dydd Mercher, 13eg Tachwedd: Glan-yr-afon, Hwlffordd (10am – 1pm) ac Aberdaugleddau (2pm – 4pm)
• Dydd Iau, 14eg Tachwedd: Arberth (10am – 1pm) a Saundersfoot (2pm – 5pm)
• Dydd Gwener, 15fed Tachwedd: Penfro (11am – 1pm) a Doc Penfro (2pm – 5pm)
• Dydd Llun, 18fed Tachwedd: Aberdaugleddau (10am – 1pm) a Doc Penfro (2pm – 5pm)
• Dydd Mawrth, 19eg Tachwedd: Glan-yr-afon, Hwlffordd (10am – 1pm) a Chrymych (3.30pm – 5.30pm)
• Dydd Mercher, 20fed Tachwedd: Trefdraeth (2pm – 4pm)
• Dydd Iau, 21ain Tachwedd: Abergwaun (10am – 1pm)
• Dydd Gwener, 22ain Tachwedd: Dinbych-y-pysgod (10am – 1pm) Hwlffordd (2pm – 5pm).

Y cerdyn bws newydd.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â: Len Mullins, Rheolwr y Wasg a Chysylltiadau Cyhoeddus, ar 01437 775387. Mae datganiadau’r Cyngor i’r Wasg i’w cael hefyd ar wefan yr Awdurdod:

Neyland Rowing Club Day Race

Return of the Cleddau Race day plan – 8th June 2019





On Friday 7th June


First Aid area set up


Toilets/changing room prep


16:00 Training Room –

Yacht Club


16:00 Changing area –

Yacht Club


On the day 8th June





Arrive to set up for Bacon rolls, tea coffee etc.


Set up for registration and coxes briefing.


08:00 Picton Centre



 08:00 Picton Centre




09:00 Picton Centre



Coxes briefing

10:00 Picton Centre



First boats away

10.30am Haverfordwest



First boats arriving back

(Need access to starter cabin at Yacht club)

12:10 Neyland slipway



Food for rowers

13:00 Alumchine



Raffle and presentation of trophies


14:00 Alumchine


Officials on the day will be – Waiting for confirmation as to whether a WSRA official will be attending.

Safety boats – PYC, NYC

Assistance required with:

1.   Flags for lead boat – Green, yellow and red

2.   Microphone as back up for PA system

3.   First Aiders – Janet, Linsey, Janine

4.   Raffle donations

Neyland Community Litter Pick

There was an excellent turnout on Saturday at St Clements Church Hall for a community litter pick in glorious sunshine. The event was part of Keep Wales tidy, and organised by Neyland and District Environment Enthusiasts, Plastic Free Neyland and St Clements Church.

Following the litter pick, soup and bread was served all made from ingredients without plastic packaging.

Adam Pollard-Powell spoke about Neyland’s Plastic Free Community bid, Mark Bond from Pembrokeshire County Council then spoke about the council’s recycling scheme and Tim Brown spoke about the upcoming quiz night at the Alumchime at 7.30pm on Tuesday April 9th in support of Plastic Free Communities.

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