Tyler shines in Dubai

20150404_214046 Please find enclosed a press release about the recent trip to Dubai where Neyland youngster Tyler Sutton played for PG10 Coaching in a FIFA regulated tournament – The Dubai International Super Cup. Attached are some photos [editor: no photos were attached] for you to use of Tyler swapping shirts with his opposite number from Boca Juniors FC and also the PG10 travelling party

**Press Release**

In 2022 the FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar. This is the first time a country in the Middle East will host the World Cup. With plans already in motion in the Middle East to host the event, Tyler Sutton from Neyland played for PG10 Coaching with a team of young children from different parts of Wales plus players from Dubai, Mexico, Spain,Scotland, Algeria and Malta academies who travelled to Dubai to take part in this unique FIFA regulated international football tournament.
The team where the only competitors from the UK involved in the prestigious event, which attracted teams from across the world from countries such as USA (New York), Canada, Oman, France, South Africa, India, China, Africa, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and many more.

20150404_213815The players also met Canadian all time top goalscorer and MLS Toronto FC player Dwayne De Rosario.

The team ended the tournament on a high, coming from 2-1 down to beat Boca Juniors 4-2 with Tyler scored a fantastic and memorable winning goal

Peter Griffiths who is head coach and manager of PG10 Coaching said

“The tournament was a wonderful opportunity, not only for the players football development but also provided the young people with essential life skills and the opportunity to learn about different cultures in a competitive and fun sporting environment, to participate in a world wide prestigious event is a unique achievement and l can not praise every player enough for their efforts and performances. The players and l made new friends and waved the flag for Wales and the UK.

One of the PG10 junior players that participated in the tournament said ” This was one of the best experiences of my life one that l will remember forever, it was great playing against teams from other countries and making new friends”

PG10 will now link in with Real Madrid, the Spanish FA and Bayern Munich in 2015 providing more and more opportunities for Welsh children to develop and learn through the power of sport.

Special thanks must go to the teams sponsors Phillips Peugeot Llanelli and Famous £1.20 Shops across West Wales

For more information about PG10 please go to www.pg10coaching.co.uk