Chris Overton

ChrisOvertonHi, my name is Chris Overton. I want to be your MP.

Let me make it clear I am a doctor, not a politician. Politics is not a career path I would ever have normally chosen. Politics has been forced upon me by the worsening state of Withybush Hospital, the place I have worked for the last 16 years, and by the recurring failures of professional politicians.

A Doctor for 33 years, an MP for you!

I am very concerned about the future of Withybush. I have fought for the last decade to maintain the sustainability of our hospital. I have offered management alternative solutions, petitioned politicians, travelled to Cardiff on numerous occasions. Thousands of you have supported SWAT.

The politicians at this election are not usually interested in Pembrokeshire’s health but, with the election date looming, suddenly they are alarmed. Once the election is done and dusted they will revert to type and vote the way they are told. Vote against your interests as required.

Imagine what a vote for me on May 7 will bring. It will bring more than red faces in Cardiff and Westminster. It will bring a tsunami of publicity and with it public concern and debate about our health care provision, our problems onto the desk of the new Prime Minister. It will bring Pembrokeshire and Withybush and you in from the political cold. With your support, your vote, your family’s vote, your neighbour’s vote, your village’s vote, I can keep your hospital open!