St Clements Hall News

Unfortunately, our preliminary grant application was rejected by the Big Lottery Fund. This was not because the project was deemed to be unsuitable, but because we had not provided sufficient evidence of the actual need for a new hall. We had assumed that they would know we are honest, and not just making it all up just to get their money! Gathering all this evidence takes time and at this time of year progress is slower than usual owing to holidays etc. As soon as it is complete a new application will be submitted. In the meantime a meeting is being arranged with Councillor Paul Miller of the Athletic Club to make sure that the projects work in tandem and not in competition with each other for funds etc.


Have you filled yours yet? Return full jars to Mary Garton and collect a new one from church! (01646 602976.)


The Medieval Fair was a huge success back in June and a most enjoyable event for a large number of people. Many thanks to John and Audrey Hancock for letting all and sundry roam through their house and garden. The Merrymakers’ interpretation of the history of Pembroke Castle was hilarious and if you missed it you can see it at Pembroke Castle at weekends during the school holidays. About £900 was raised for the funds. Thank you to everyone who worked very hard to make it such a lovely day.

Dorothy would like to thank everyone for their very generous sponsorship of her parachute jump in May. The grand total raised was £1,600. No expenses were incurred so every penny of that has gone into the funds. It was an absolutely amazing experience and in October Debbie Vines is taking the plunge so please pledge your support. You can contact Debbie on 01646 600249.
Put this in your diary now!
Saturday September 5th 10am – 4pm
Travel back in time to the Magna Carta and beyond at a History Day in the Parish Church of Llanstadwell. Local historian Simon Hancock will spend the morning unravelling the secrets of this 900-year-old church. Phil Bennett, Culture and Heritage Manager, Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park Authority, will present a talk entitled; “Archaeological projects in the National Park”. The day will include an opportunity to climb the tower or crawl under the raised floor to discover more hidden gems’
The Parish Registers will also be available for inspection.
Cost   £10 (to include tea, coffee and a light lunch) BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. To book please telephone Dorothy on 01646 602464 or email
Whatever the outcome of the lottery application we will need to raise a lot of money ourselves. If you have any good ideas or are prepared to help at or organise an event please contact Mary Garton on 01646 602976 or email