Simon Hancock Standing for Neyland Town Council Polling opens – 21st May 2024 at The Hub

After a great deal of thought and reflection I have decided to offer myself to be a candidate to stand for the vacancy on Neyland Town Council. I served on this body before for 35 years but I feel there is yet more to do. If I can promote harmony and a common purpose among the other councillors then much can be achieved.

If you live in Neyland West Ward do vote for me on 21 May 2024. The polling station is at the Hub. You can support and vote for me if you live in Honeyborough Green, Gordon Parry Close, Gordon Parry Road, George Street, Neyland Heights, Vale Road, Gothic Road, James Street, Charles Street, Belle View, Isambard Gardens, Harbour Close, Cleddau Avenue, Trinity Place, Promenade Drive, Promenade, Church Lakes Terrace and Woodlands Park.

Hope you will come out and support me!! – Simon Hancock