NADEE August update

NADEE (Neyland and District Environment Enthusiasts) has been busy doing volunteer work for Neyland despite the lockdown, although this has meant no full group activities.

The Walker family have been managing the Sportsway flower bed. PCC have received a Land Management Agreement application, and we’re in the process of doing a risk assessment for this. It’s been suggested this includes carrying a first aid kit and mobile phone.


Adam has been doing some weeding in Railway Terrace. The bees are loving the Marsh Woundwort (which is an accidental but welcome arrival)


Adam lent a hand to Peter Hay to clear the overgrown path down to the marina from Cambrian Road. Peter did most of the work!


We’ve had some issues at Neyland Vale pond. The stonemason did a great job of repairing the weir. I’ve built up a mud bank on either side, and this should stabilise over the next year. We then tried blocking the pipe, but found water was leaking under the dam / weir. Peter Hay has procured some bentonite clay and has an ingenious solution. Fingers crossed it works!
I don’t know how people feel about doing a socially distanced clearance of the growth around the pond in September, keeping an eye on Covid, of course. It is probably something we need to do annually. The flowers are finishing now, and don’t want it scrubbing up.

Stephanie Bridgeman has a load of apples if anyone wants some. Please phone her on [private number] and mention you’re in NADEE.

Also just to mention that our esteemed Chairman, Tim Brown has resumed the quizzes (outdoors) at The Alumchine, every other Tuesday. The next one will be on 1st September at 6.30pm.

Finally a shout out to all the litter pickers, who quietly go about keeping Neyland looking tidy.