Curches Together Programme

Neyland Churches Together Lent Studies: the beatitudes
Thursdays at 7pm at Zion – to finish about 8.15 plus or minus 10 mins

Vaguely following the Pilgrim Booklet produced by the Church of England.
Some of the course attenders will have these. I am ordering 18. Let me know if you want them. £5

There is a 3-4 min video you could play a part of the evening – google Pilgrim Beatitudes video and you will find them. But if you want to do this, bring your own way of showing it.

11 Feb, led by Alan
Pilgrim Session One, considering Matthew 5.3&4

18 Feb, led byDavid Pusey
Pilgrim Session Two, considering Matthew 5. 5&6

25 Feb, led by Jonathan Kirk
Pilgrim Session Three, considering Matthew 5. 7 & 8

3 March, led by Rob Wainwright
Pilgrim Session Four, considering Matthew 5. 9&10

10 March, led by John Hancock
Pilgrim Session 5, considering Matthew 5. 13-19

17 March, led by Grayham Passmore
Pilgrim Session 6, considering Matthew 7.24-29

Do not feel constrained by the way the Pilgrim booklets use the material.
your input
group discussion

Thanks, Alan